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Quito, escorted by high volcanoes and formed by streets, broken and rocks where the houses become engraved like ooking for a solid shelter, are a city where people try to conserve her colorful traditions.
Quito is located on a horizontal strip of land running north to south between beautiful mountains. The splendor of the city's natural setting, combined with its attractive squares, parks and monuments as well as the warmth of its people, makes it a unique and unforgettable place.
Quito, the capital of Ecuador, is considered one of the most beautiful regions in Latin America. Located in the Andean mountains at the foot of Mount Pichincha 9200 feet above sea level. Quito has a spring-like climate all year. Beautifully preserved colonial churches , convents, palaces, and other buildings of note contrast with the contemporary architecture , a cosmopolitan city of great cultural diversity.

Quito has been designated the “Heritage of Mankind” by the United Nations. Stationed at nearly 10,000 feet, Quito is almost twice as high as Denver, Colorado. Though because it sits only 25 kilometres from the Equator, Quito does not suffer through long winters like the Mile High City . On the contrary, Ecuador's capital enjoys mild days and cool nights almost year-round. The climate in the Andes varies according to the altitude and the time of the year.
The temperature ranges from 7 degrees C (55 F) at night to 26 C (78 F) at noon, and averages 15 C (64 F). There are two seasons, wet and dry. The wet season is called winter and the dry is considered summer. Quito's summer lasts about 4 months, from the end of June to September.
Quito sees its fair share of rain from October through May, though even during this period the climate supports a multitude of diversions.
There are enough sunny days during the rainy season to accommodate all but the most insatiable sun worshipers, and when the sun hides, Quito has plenty to offer indoors.

Main places of the old town.
Guapulo - El Panecillo - La Basílica - Old Town  - La Compañia - San Francisco - La Ronda. 

1 person - $ 40
2 persons - $ 60
Per each additional Person + $ 10
Private Transportation: $ 30 
1 Person $ 80
2 Persons $ 100
Per each additional person + $ 20

we will send you the fares according the places that you want to visit. 

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