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Francisco Guayasamin, my tour guide, and I visited the center or middle of the earth with the equatorial line. Water on one side of the line flowed clockwise and on the other side counterclockwise, just a few inches apart. When you walk along with line with outstretched arms and closed eyes, you can feel the two opposing centrifugal forces in each hand try to pull you in one of the Hemispheres. Your shadow is almost underneath you, and twice a year, for 3 minutes at noon, there are no shadows in that spot.

Then we visited a volcano in which indigenous people live on the land within the crater in a closed community with no electricity or IT. They live completely off the land and have few health problems. They ride donkeys and horses to transport their produce to market. The energy was incredible in both places.

And I found out  that your face will turn red even with 45SPF sunscreen and a hat. I asked Francisco to speak in Spanish except when I did not understand something. He explained it in English then we switched to Spanish. He is very knowledgeable about the multi cultural heritage that is Ecuador. We visited an archeological museum and an outdoor musuem that had huts and small cabins unique to the different indigenous peoples in various parts of the country. Ecuador is a mix of indigenous, African, Spanish, French, and other Central and South American countries. So there is a beautiful tapestry of facial structures and bodies types. Unfortunately Ecuador has not been immune to the influences of white people, so the same discrimination and systems of oppresion are present here.

Here in Quito, the altitude had me huffing and puffing when I took a walk in the morning. However the middle of the world was at a lower altitude so I could breathe with ease.

The cafe con leche here is incredible with not a trace of bitterness or acid. There is a subtle sweetness to the flavor. The same is true for the natural spring water.


COMPLETE TOUR TO THE MIDDLE OF THE WORLD Pululahua Volcano -  Temple of the Sun - Intiñan - Middle of the World Complex - Quito in Miniture
Optional: Ethnological Museum.

1 person - $ 40
2 persons - $ 60
Per each person more + $ 10 (each one)
Private Transportation: $ 25 One Way - $ 45 Round Trip

If you don’t want private transportation, tour starts at 09:00

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